Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense

Regardless of guilt or innocence, being accused of a crime can feel like a life-altering situation. Facing criminal charges can feel stressful and overwhelming, making it challenging to know what the next ‘correct' step is. Often, out of panic, many individuals meet with (and retain) the first lawyer they find as their counsel in their case, without being certain they are the best professional for their situation. This can lead to a weak or improper defense, which can harm your ability to proceed through the process with confidence.

Our team understands what you are up against if you are facing criminal charges, and we are not afraid to take on the criminal justice system to ensure you receive the high-quality legal representation that you deserve. Together, we can tip the scales of justice in your favor.

The team at Dixon and Lasseter, Attorneys at Law, P.C. doesn't back down from a fight. Our team of knowledgeable legal professionals are ready to help you tell your side of the story. We partner with our clients to ensure they feel empowered to advocate for themselves as they navigate our legal system. 

Unlike many firms, we are prepared to take cases to trial for innocent folks whose backs are against the wall. Individuals accused of a criminal offense do NOT need an expert negotiator; they need a gladiator! In a criminal justice system where more than 90% of cases plead out, and where hundreds and hundreds of cases are overturned for wrongful convictions, you need an experienced and zealous Criminal Defense Trial Lawyer on your side.

Explore Different Kinds of Criminal Defenses Cases

DUI Defense

If you have been arrested and charged with driving under the influence (“DUI”) in Georgia, you need a prompt legal defense from a knowledgeable Georgia DUI lawyer. Georgia imposes harsh penalties (even for first-time DUI offenders) that can jeopardize your ability to work, go to school, and ultimately affect your and your family's financial future.

In most cases, there are a number of defense strategies that we can use to defend your charges; even where a breathalyzer or breath test has indicated that your blood alcohol content level was above the legal limit. It can be difficult and overbearing to navigate the appeals process, hearings, submission of supporting documentation, and the DUI proceeding itself. You do not have to fight alone to keep your license and your good name. Allow our experienced Georgia DUI lawyer to guide you and skillfully craft a defense against your charges.

Traffic Offenses

Georgia traffic law can be daunting to the unaware.  We have seen individuals pay speeding tickets, not knowing that  the particular facts of their case would result in an automatic loss of thier license to drive. Trying to represent yourself without understanding the smallest nuances can be fatal to your case, as well as your livlihood.

Contact us or call our firm today at (912) 525-0555 to help you understand this area of criminal law. With a solid defense, we can dismantle the state's allegations against you piece by piece, and ensure that your driving privileges remain intact.

Drug Possession & Use

We live in a country where politicians put pressure on the criminal justice system to over punish those charged with a drug offense. The penalties can be severe for even minor drug crimes. Therefore, the stakes are high for those charged with a drug offense.

Have you been charged with a drug crime involving the possession, use, manufacturing or trafficking of illegal drugs or legal drugs that were used in an illegal manner? If so, call our team today at (912) 525-0555 for a FREE Case Evaluation so that we can assess the evidence that the state prosecutor believes they have against you, and we can gear up to prepare the strongest defense possible for your case.

Felony Offenses

Felony offenses in Georgia carry a penalty of at least one year in prison.  It is absolutely crucial that no stone is left unturned during the litigation of a felony case.  The investigation must be scrutinized at every possible opportunity, and you must know every potential tool that can be used to your advantage.  This is not a task for an attorney not skilled in the art of courtroom persuasion.  Call our skilled Georgia Felony Lawyers to schedule a consultation and begin to plan your war strategy.

Know + Understand Your Rights

Knowledge is power when it comes to criminal law.  So often the rights of our citizens are trampled.  Call us to learn more about your rights in a criminal investigation, criminal hearing, or criminal trial.

Tell Your Story with Confidence

Persuasive courtroom advocacy is all about story telling.  Everyone has a story to tell.  The key, though, is finding the best way to relay it to the jury.  Don't be silenced.  Let us tell your story.

What is an arraignment?

An arraignment is your first court appearance in a criminal case.  It is here where you learn the exact nature of your charges, and where you first enter your plea of Not Guilty.  It is also when the discovery rules come into effect, meaning that this is your first chance to see the evidence against you.

Can I get dash or body camera footage of my stop or arrest?

Assuming that the officer who stopped or arrested you was using a dash camera or a body camera, you will definitely be able to get a copy.  The bigger question is “when” will you get the footage.  Generally, your discovery rights do not take effect until your arraignment, which can be a long while after your arrest.  However, our attorneys know all the techniques to obtain your footage long before your arraignment, so that you have more time to prepare your defense.

What is the First Offenders Act?

Under O.C.G.A. § 42-8-60, if a defendant has never been convicted of a felony in the past, they can take advantage of the First Offender treatment.  This statute provides a sentencing option that allows for the conviction to be expunged if the sentence is successfully completed.  For example, if a defendant enters a plea of guilty or nolo contendre under the First Offenders Act, then the judge issues a sentence, but not does actually adjudicate the defendant as “guilty” quite yet.  If the defendant successfully completes their sentence (likely probation) then the “guilty” verdict is never actually entered, thus resulting in the defendant not having a conviction on their record.  

The downside of this law is that if the defendant does NOT successfully complete the probation, then the judge can enter the verdict of guilty and then re-sentence the defendant to the maximum punishment available.  

If I live out of town, do I have to come to court for my ticket?

Generally speaking, yes.  However, a skilled traffic lawyer can assist you with negotiating a resolution long before your court date.  If so, then your attorney can coordinate a plea in absentia, meaning that your attorney handles everything in court for you and you do not have to appear.

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